Effective protection of packages
European manufacturer


Efficiency, ecology and aesthetics in one product!

We know and understand the needs of the shipping industry, therefore when manufacturing Air Protect System brand air fillers we pay special attention to ensuring that they provide effective protection for the contents of packages during transport. After all, an order delivered intact is a must have nowadays.
As a manufacturer, we have resources, unique technology and know-how that guarantee quick availability and personalization of fillers. In our laboratory, we carefully examine the properties of the film produced by the production department (its strength, elasticity, thickness) to make sure that we have obtained the best possible parameters. Due to the fact that the production takes place in Poland its costs are lower and our offer is competitively priced. Two other factors, extremely important in e-commerce, which are appreciated particularly by end customers, are aesthetics and issues related to sustainability. Our air fillings are an eco-friendly solution and at the same time pleasing to the eye which also positively affects the image of the companies who use them.


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‘We operate in an industry where aesthetics, cleanliness and quality are of key importance. Thanks to air cushion mats it was possible to maintain a high standard of packaging while reducing the amount of fillers used. The optimization of the process is also important - the air cushion mat significantly shortened the packing times.’

Michał Giebel - Logistics Director at HOMLA Sp. z o.o.