Why us?

Quality guaranteed

We are a manufacturer with 40 years of experience in foil production. We check every roll of our filler.

We test many quality parameters, including: compressive strength, puncture strength, weld strength and leakage.

Customised products

We have a range of fillings tailored to protect products of various sizes, weights and shapes. We can advise you on the optimal solution or create a new filling pattern that meets your needs within a month.

We also offer baskets, winders and air filler transport devices that can be easily adapted to existing packaging lines in any warehouse environment. If typical solutions prove to be insufficient for you, our R&D department and our own production make it possible to create tailor-made, personalized device systems that will deliver mats and pillows to packaging stations.

Dlaczego warto wybrać Air Protect System? Politan Wypełniacze powietrzne

Stable good prices

We design and build fully automatic, super-efficient air fillers production lines, comparable to global industry leaders.

Thanks to this, we have low investment costs and a high ability to optimize the production process. This allows us to maintain constant production costs and stable prices of our products.

Dlaczego warto wybrać Air Protect System? Politan Wypełniacze powietrzne

Permanent availability of products

We offer products manufactured in our factory located in Poland. Our customers can increase their demand seasonally or on special occasions, without the risk of lack of availability and extension of order processing time.

We can increase demand by 100% immediately.

Efficient service

We sign a contract that ensures constant supplies and guarantees efficient service of distribution devices, while maintaining the volume of purchases specified in the contract.


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