The e-commerce market is growing from strength to strength!

The shipping industry is developing dynamically. The accompanying products and services are also developing which is why the choice of security features and package fillers is huge. You can choose from various raw materials, ways to protect the contents of packages or various sizes of fillers. So why do we think that you should reach for the Air Protect System brand? There are several reasons and arguments for it – take them into account when making your choice!

Maszyny do wypełniaczy powietrznych Politan AirProtectSystem

Working directly with the manufacturer has many benefits!

The Air Protect System brand belongs to the Polish company POLITAN – a manufacturer that has been on the market for 40 years. The technology of producing the air fillings and the machines were invented by our designers and in our laboratory various film parameters are checked, all this is done to ensure that you receive products of the highest quality.
Due to the fact that both the fillers and peripheral devices of the Air Protect System brand are made in Poland the costs of their production are lower, and thus you can buy our products at a competitive price. We also guarantee the quick time frames on availability of mats and cushions. When choosing us you will also receive fast technical support, efficient service and after-sales service at the highest level.
Our own production line has many advantages: we can offer you personalization of fillers in terms of dimensions, shapes, colours and prints which may translate into a favourable image and higher recognition of your company, brand or online store.

Pakowanie paczki z uzyciem wypelniaczy powietrza Politan AirProtectSystem

Looks count!

One might say that the appearance of package fillers doesn’t matter in the least in the mail order industry. However, we know that it does and it does a lot! How do we know this? We examined this topic by collecting consumer opinions and preferences (you can find a report on this study on our blog). The results of the conducted survey show that consumers do not like the fact that what secures the products sent to them generates a mess (as is the case with cardboard, packing peanuts or wood shavings). For a change, our fillers need only be punctured and their size drops to almost nothing. Additionally, thanks to the prints present on them, the consumer has no doubts what kind of waste they should go into.
Appearance also largely contributes to the aesthetic of a package. Our air fillers have a nice, delicate colour (based on earth colours) which are associated with nature, evoking positive emotions in the end customer. You certainly know how important emotions are in the purchasing process – we will take care of it!

Ziemia eko Politan AirProtectSystem

Air Protect System equals 100% ECO PROTECTION!

We decided to focus on the circular economy in the production process based on the 4R principle and as a result in our offer you will find, among others, 100% biodegradable air fillings and 100% recycled materials. Our fillings are both reusable and recyclable which is also good for the natural environment.
More information on this topic can be found in the tab ‘This is eco!’.

Kosz do wypelniania powietrza Politan AirProtectSystem

This is a truly comprehensive offer!

In our portfolio you will find a number of air fillers, equipment for their inflation as well as peripheral devices, i.e. all the elements you need to secure the shipment in transport.
In terms of fillers, you can choose between cushions and mats made of various materials, for various purposes, in two sizes of ‘mesh’, different thickness and strength. Thanks to these features you will be able to perfectly match the type of products you are sending with the perfect protection material options. You can also mix the films you buy, for example use L mats at the bottom of the packages and use air cushions to separate delicate products from each other. If you wish to offer an eco-friendly shipping or ‘less waste’ shipping option – reach for our 100% biodegradable fillings. We provide you with a choice!
Our portfolio also includes devices that allow you to fill the mats and cushions with air. We especially recommend the APS 20 device which is compatible with all types of air fillings as well as all peripheral devices.
And if your company is already an extensive entity and hundreds or even thousands of packages leave the warehouse every day – it’s highly recommended you consider our peripheral devices which we also design and manufacture ourselves. Watch the video and read more about the benefits they provide in the tab about peripherals.
Choose Air Protect System and stop worrying about whether your parcels reach their recipients intact!


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