Air Protect System mats and pillows are used to secure goods during transport. The fillers we offer are not only durable and reliable but also very aesthetically pleasing which is not without significance for the e-commerce industry.

In the range of fillers we produce, you will find mats with small air bubbles – size S, as well as slightly larger ones – size M and very large ones – size L. When securing the contents of a shipment, it is worth taking into account the weight and dimensions of the goods being shipped. Use mats with small and medium-sized air bubbles to protect delicate and fragile goods. You can easily wrap for example a vase, bottle or trinket this way. Large bubble size mats can be successfully used to secure the sides and bottom of the package. You can also use them as a spacer between individual layers of the shipment. Air pillows, on the other hand, are irreplaceable for filling empty spaces inside packages and immobilizing products in boxes.

Our offer includes fillers made from various types of materials. The most popular, ‘Standard’ fillers are 100% recyclable. We also manufacture ‘BIO’ fillers, made from 100% biodegradable materials.

APS mats and pillows will take up little space in the warehouse because they are stored uninflated, in the form of a roll. This has a positive impact on transport costs and the carbon footprint of the product. Our mats and pillows are filled with air only when they are going to be used and in the exact amount that is needed.

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