Device systems

The Air Protect System brand portfolio includes not only air fillers but also equipment for their inflation as well as peripheral devices.

For the purpose of inflating air cushion mats and air pillows, we would like to recommend the APS 20 device. It can be used for inflating all types of fillers we produce. You can read more about the inflating device in the tab: APS 20 device.

APS 20 is compatible with all peripherals we manufacture. Peripherals are labour-saving devices for the warehouse environment. They will help you prepare a package quickly and efficiently. Among the peripheral devices you will find: a table with fixing holes made with the APS device in mind, a roller which transforms the inflated air cushion mats into a handy roll, a basket for collection of inflated fillers and a packing station with a worktop.

Watch the video and read more about the benefits of the peripheral devices in the tab: Peripherals

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