APS 20 device

APS 20 is an economical device which can efficiently prepare up to 18 meters of fillers for packages in 1 minute. It is easy to use and reliable because it is made of high-class components. The device has CE certification.
APS 20 is suitable for inflating all types of APS air cushion mats and pillows (Standard Plus, ECO, BIO).

Urządzenie APS 20 do nadmuchiwania poduszek i mat

Product specification

  • length:
  • width:
  • height:
  • weight:
    12,6 kg

The device is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD display with a control panel. The panel has large, colourful buttons marked with pictograms which help the operator to easily set the correct operating parameters.
A metal, solid housing weighing 12.6 kg makes the device stable in the working area. The APS 20 has a sensor that allows you to set the length of the film being inflated (up to 999 m, with an accuracy of 10 cm). You can rent or buy the APS 20 device from us.

It is worth considering supplementing the APS 20 with the so-called ‘peripheral devices’. The peripherals are devices that support and improve work in the warehouse. You will find among them a table with holes which fit the APS 20 legs, a light basket on wheels in which up to 50 meters of filler can be collected, a roller that reels the fillings into handy rolls, an air conveyor and a packing station with a comfortable worktop.


  • ease of use
  • one device fits all types of film
  • works quickly and efficiently (output of 18m per min)
  • clear, intuitive display
  • robust structure and high-class components
  • CE certificate
  • can be purchased or rented

How the APS 20 Air Protect System works

Changing the steel or ceramic blade in APS 20

Assembling the APS 20

Installing film rolls and starting the APS 20 device Air Protect System

Changing PTFE strips in the APS 20 device

Troubleshooting of error ERR:05 in APS20

Replacing straight PTFE strips in APS 20


User manual for APS inflating device


Check if:
1. The film has been correctly placed on the feed bars.
2. The film has been pushed all the way onto the unwinding roller.
3. The ambient temperature which the machine is operating in complies with the manufacturer's recommendations (16-43°C - in accordance to the Operating Instructions Manual section 2.1.2 - Environmental conditions)

The knife should be replaced every time it tears the film instead of cutting it evenly, or the film has a tendency of accumulating on the pipette.

The belts should be replaced when the Teflon coating shows signs of abrasion or damage.
The element should be maintained on a weekly or monthly basis, maintenance, checking the wear condition of the belts (As in the Operating Instructions Manual section 4.1 - Preventive maintenance).

As the device warms up, it stabilises the parameters and 'burns through' the film. This is normal, this occurs when the device is turned on.
If the problem persists - check:
- The correctness of the parameter settings (As in the Operating Instructions Manual p. 3.8 - Recommended operating parameter settings)

1. Check if the red emergency button is turned off. If it is on deactivate it.
2. Check the power button (located on the back of the device). Switch on the power button.
3. If the unit still does not operate despite the correct button settings - contact your authorised distributor or Politan Sales Representative.

The parameters given in the operating instructions are the recommended operating parameters of the device. Depending on the conditions which the device is operating in (e.g. low ambient temperature), the parameters can be modified minimally (speed +/- 5 units, blowing +/- 5 units). The manufacturer’s recommended operating parameters can be found in the operating manual (See Operating Instructions Manual section 3.8 - Recommended operating parameter settings)

The APS 20 has a power rating of 320 W (See Operating Instructions Manual section 3.1.2. - Technical specifications).

The APS 20 is CE certified (Certificate numer SZEM180700586401).

The APS 20 operates efficiently only with Air Protect System fillers. If fillers other than those indicated in the Operating Instruction Manula are used, the user will no longer be able to take use of the manufacturer's guarantee services and consumables which are necessary in order for the device to function properly (Operating Instructions Manual section 2.1 - Potential risks). If the device is damaged due to the use of fillers other than the Air Protect System, the user will be charged for the cost of repairing the APS 20.

The operating temperature of the APS 20 should be in accordance with the temperature recommended by the manufacturer, i.e. 16-43°C. The permissible storage temperature of the device is specified between 0-43°C (See Operating Instructions Manual section 2.1.2 - Environmental conditions).

The APS 20 is equipped with metal spare knives, as these perform best under standard operating conditions.

The characteristic noise is caused by the elements which are heated up in order for the device to work properly. This is a normal feature of the device, the noise fades away after several seconds of operation.

With the APS 20 you can inflate all Air Protect System brand foil fillers - both mats and cushions.

In order to fill 1 m3 of cardboard box you need:
- 1000 individual inflatable mats (bubble size L), i.e. 130 RMT mats
- 2000 individual inflatable cushions, i.e. 185 RMT cushions

The warranty for the APS 20 is given for a period of:
- 12 months from the date of purchase resulting from the purchase invoice (in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty statement)
2. 24 months from the date of purchase resulting from the fiscal receipt - in accordance with the applicable legal provisions (Civil Code).

Excessive curling of the film can be caused by:
1. The Teflon belts are soiled. If film has accumulated on the belts, clean them with a dry cloth or sponge.
2. The incorrect setting of the inflation temperature. The pumping temperature of the different types of fillers should be set according to the manufacturer's recommended blowing temperature. The correct temperatures can be found in the Operating Instructions Manual under section 3.8 - Recommended settings.

BIO mats and cushions are produced from a thermoplastic material containing potato flour, free of plasticisers and GMO raw materials. The material is registered with DIN CERTCO (No.7W0062) and VINCOTTE (No.05-074 O-B) in accordance to the EN 13432 Regulation. According to this standard, the material decomposes under industrial conditions in a maximum of six months, the biodegradability rate of minimum 90%.