Are you looking for a reliable solution that will allow you to effectively protect your parcels from damage? Air Protect System air cushion mats produced by us are your best choice!

They are available in various types and sizes.

Our large size air cushion mats are perfect for securing the bottom of packages, cardboard walls and as a spacer between individual layers of items being shipped. They immobilize and envelop the shipped products, absorb shocks and prevent the goods from moving inside the carton.

Our medium size air cushion mats are manufactured with wrapping of products in mind. They prevent over-wrapping of goods with securing material, thus reducing the amounts used. This type of mat is an efficient alternative to conventional bubble wrap.

Air fillers are used to protect both delicate objects as well as heavy, large-size products.
They are durable and aesthetic at the same time. They are recyclable. The ‘BIO’ range mats are made of biodegradable material, and the ‘ECO’ range is made of 100% recycled materials.
They are transported and stored in the form of an uninflated roll and therefore take up little space in the warehouse. They are filled with air only when they are needed and in the exact amount that is planned to be used.


  • delivered straight from the manufacturer – without intermediaries
  • they are of great quality – very durable, they do not deflate, they protect products well and do not break on impact
  • they are aesthetically pleasing, they do not create a mess and are easy to clean up
  • they speed up the packing process – filling them with air is not time consuming
  • they save storage space – stored in the form of an uninflated roll
  • they are environmentally friendly – our offering includes ‘ECO’ and ‘BIO’ solutions at very favourable prices
  • our air cushion mats carry a lower carbon footprint than other fillers
  • they have a positive impact on the public image of your brand
  • they are suitable for the protection of both very fragile items and those with large dimensions
  • they do not increase shipping costs – they are several times lighter than paper
  • Cushion mat inflation device and peripherals – can be purchased or rented
  • prints on air cushion mats can be brand specific
  • they are environmentally friendly – they are reusable
  • they can have a positive effect on reducing the number of complaints
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