Bubble size
Single leaf drawing
Wielkość listka - S
Wielkość listka - M
Wielkość listka - L
Type of material
Max package weight
10 kg
15 kg20 kg25 kg
20 kg
Name of filler

Are you looking for a reliable solution, at a good, stable price? Do you want to increase your order at the time of the sales peak and get it on hand? Air Protect System brand air mats manufactured by us are the best choice!

Air mats for packing parcels of the Polish manufacturer brand Air Protect System is a guarantee of the highest quality.

We offer air mats tailored to protect products of different sizes, weights and shapes. In our portfolio you will find air mats available in different types and sizes. We produce mats with air bubbles of sizes S, M and L.

Air mats for boxes with bubbles of size L are great for securing the bottom of packages, the walls of a cardboard box and as a divider between different layers of shipped items. They immobilize and wrap shipped products, absorb shocks and prevent goods from moving inside the carton. M- and S-size bubble mats are manufactured to wrap shipped products. They reduce over-wrapping of goods with protective material, thus reducing its wear and tear. This type of mat is an efficient alternative to conventional bubble wrap.

You will successfully use our air mats to secure both delicate items and heavy, bulky products. They are ultralight, so they will not inflate shipping costs. 99% of the mat is filled with air, and only 1% is the material from which it is made.

Air Protect System air mats are durable, yet aesthetically pleasing. They are transported and stored as an uninflated roll, so they take up little storage space. They are filled with air only when they are needed and exactly the amount you plan to use. We focus on the high quality of our products so that our customer is fully satisfied. Here are some of the advantages offered by our air mats for securing products for shipment:

  • they have high quality – comparable to that of global filler suppliers,
  • are competitively priced, because we produce them in Poland, from local raw materials, optimizing the production process,
  • do not increase shipping costs – they are much lighter than traditional paper and cardboard fillers,
  • with regular purchases of mats, you will rent the device to inflate them for PLN 1 per month,
  • are an environmentally friendly solution, as they are reusable.

We have the resources, unique technology and know-how to guarantee the constant availability of mats. If you find that you have not found a filler that meets your needs in our standard offer – call us. We will be happy to learn about your needs and create a new formula for fillers that meet your requirements.

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