How to perfectly immobilise products in a carton so that they do not get damaged during transport? Take advantage of the reliable Air Protect System air pillows!

We apply a lot of care to producing various types of high-quality air pillows.
Our air pillows are perfect for when there is a need to quickly fill empty spaces in a package in a cost effective way. Thanks to them, the goods are optimally secured in the carton. They absorb shocks and prevent the goods from moving inside the package. These types of fillers are ideal for pre-packed goods.

They are durable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. They are recyclable. The BIO version of the pillow is made of biodegradable material, and the ECO version is made of 100% recycled materials.

The pillows made by APS take up little space in the warehouse because they are stored and transported in the form of an uninflated roll. This reduces shipping costs and lowers your carbon footprint. The pillows are filled with air only when they are needed and in the exact amount that is planned to be used.


  • delivered straight from the manufacturer – without intermediaries
  • they are aesthetically pleasing, they do not create a mess and are easy to clean up
  • they speed up the packing process – filling them with air is not time consuming
  • they save valuable storage space – stored in the form of an uninflated roll
  • they are environmentally friendly – the offering includes ‘ECO’ and ‘BIO’ solutions at a very favourable price level
  • they carry a lower carbon footprint than other fillers
  • they have a positive impact on the public image of your brand
  • they are suitable for protecting both very fragile items and those with large dimensions
  • they do not increase your shipping costs – they are several times lighter than paper
  • air pillow inflation device and peripherals – can be purchased or rented
  • prints on air pillows can be brand specific
  • they are environmentally friendly – they are reusable
  • they can have a positive effect on reducing the number of complaints
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