Standard PLUS air pillow

Air Protect System air pillows are used to fill empty space in parcels and immobilise the goods in the package in order to effectively protect the product against damage in transit.

Poduszka powietrzna Standard PLUS AirProtectSystem Politan

Product specification

  • width:
  • length:
  • perforation:
    every 120mm
  • material:
  • thickness:
    20 mic

They are stored in the form of an uninflated roll, so they will not take up much space in your warehouse.

They are filled with air only when they are needed. They are aesthetically pleasing. They do not create mess at the packing station, and more importantly, when the recipient of the shipment opens the package, there is no scattered fine fillers or cardboard dust to clean up.

They can be re-used many times, which means that you can secure the shipment with them on the way to your customer, and if the customer decides to return the goods – the pillows can be reused.
They are light, therefore will not increase shipping costs. The air pillow consists of 99% air, and only 1% is the material it is made of.

The Standard Plus pillows are made using HDPE film, which is suitable for recycling.

Zapakowana paczka przy pomocy poduszki powietrznej Standard PLUS AirProtectSystem Politan
Zapakowana paczka przy pomocy poduszki powietrznej Standard PLUS AirProtectSystem Politan

Air Protect System films are filled with air using the APS 20 device, which guarantees the preparation of 18 meters of air pillows within one minute. You can buy or rent the device from us.

APS fillers in the form of pillows are perfect for immobilizing both fragile and breakable objects as well as heavy or large objects.

The Standard Plus pillow roll will allow you to secure many packages because the length of each roll of the pillows we produce is 500 meters, and its width is 21 cm. Thanks to the perforations, you can tear off small pieces of film wherever needed.