BIO air pillow

Are you looking for an eco-friendly package filler? Then check out our BIO velvety to the touch pillows. Our BIO pillows have an elegant, milky white colour, because they are made of 100% biodegradable material (PLA) in a waste-free production process. On request, we can brand them with graphics according to your design.

Product specification

  • width:
  • length:
  • perforation:
    every 120mm
  • material:
  • thickness::
    20 mic

They are durable, flexible and reliable. They perfectly fill empty spaces in cartons, immobilising the shipped goods. With these pillows you will protect even the most difficult to pack products, such as works of art, porcelain, household electronics and appliances as well as glass against damage.

Air pillows will take up little space in your warehouse. They are stored as an uninflated roll. They will not increase your shipment costs because they are very light. The air pillow consists of 99% air, and only 1% is the material it is made of.

A single roll of the BIO air pillow is 500 meters long and 21 cm wide. Thanks to the perforations, the pillows can be torn off every 12 cm without the use of scissors, which makes packing much easier and faster. With our pillows your package will be safe, even if the courier does not handle it gently. The filling will also prevent items from bumping into and damaging each other.

The pillows are filled with air with the APS device, which can be bought or rented from us. APS 20 can be used with all air pillows and air cushion mats manufactured within the Air Protect System brand. It guarantees easy and quick preparation of the required amount of filler. Its operation is simple and intuitive.

Buy BIO Air Protect System air pillows today, improve the shipping of goods in your company and be recognised by customers who will definitely appreciate your care for the environment!