Extra Strong air cushion mat

Our Extra Strong air cushion mats will provide your parcels with effective protection during transport.
The mats are produced from durable and pressure-resistant HDPE with a thickness of 25 microns.

Product specification

  • width:
  • length:
  • perforation:
    every 170mm
  • material:
  • thickness:
    25 mic

APS Extra Strong air cushion mats are perfect for securing the bottom of packages and as a lining between individual layers of shipped items. They can also be used to wrap shipped products. They reduce over-wrapping of goods and reduce material consumption. They are a great alternative to traditional bubble wrap. You can protect heavy, impact-sensitive and particularly fragile products with them.

Extra Strong cushion mats by Air Protect System are lightweight, so they will not increase shipping costs. The air cushion mat consists of 99% air, and only 1% is the material it is made of. They can be recycled.

Mata Extra Strong, rozmiar pęcherzyka powietrza: M

They do not take up much space in the warehouse because they are rolled up – it saves valuable space on the shelves. You fill them with air when you need them and only use the amount you need. This way there is no clutter in your warehouse.

Zapakowana paczka Mata powietrzna extra strong AirProtectSystem Politan
Zapakowana paczka Mata powietrzna extra strong AirProtectSystem Politan

The air cushion mats are filled with air with the APS 20 machine. The process is quick, and sealing is precise. You can buy or rent the device from us.

The APS Extra Strong mat roll is 250 meters long and 38 cm wide. It can be torn off every 17 cm thanks to the practical perforations.