Packing station

Stanowisko do pakowania AirProtectSystem Politan

Product specification

  • length:
  • width:
  • height:
  • weight:

The packing station allows five people to work simultaneously. It consists of:

  • APS 20 device
  • air transporter
  • basket mounted at a height of 1.9 m.

The basket is used to collect air fillers. It has five openings that allow easy removal and tearing off the film. It is equipped with sensors which will stop the machine automatically when the basket is filled. When the level of fillers in the basket reaches minimum, the device switches itself on again.


  • after the basket is filled, the device switches off automatically
  • the device comes back on after the minimum fill level in the basket is hit
  • allows 5 people to work simultaneously
  • takes up little space in the warehouse
  • bin:
    – placed at an ergonomic height of 1.9 m
    – collects 50 running meters of film
    – fills in 3.5 minutes
    – has 5 openings for easy removal of film
Stanowisko do pakowania AirProtectSystem Politan
Stanowisko do pakowania AirProtectSystem Politan